Q. Can you develop land that still has trees on it?

A. Yes, Baywash Oilfield Services Inc. can we offer tree cutting and removal.


Q.  My property is made up of really rocky terrain can you help?

A. We have lots of experience in dealing with bedrock and big rocks most of them can be moved with one of our big excavators.  We also offer onsite consulting to figure out the best ways to work around the rock.


Q. Can you provide references?

A. Absolutley.


Q.  Who do I call before I dig?

A. Baywash Oilfield Services works with Alberta One Call and local councils or municipalities to ensure that all underground services are properly located and marked by all relevant authorities.  This is a crucial step to ensure site safety and to prevent damage to any services going to your property and/or neighboring properties.  This step greatly minimizes injury and any costly repairs and delays.


Q. Will the equipment fit between my property and my neighbors?

A. Baywash Oilfield has a large range of equipment so we have the ability to choose the ideal machine for your site.  This will minimize disruptions for both you and your neighbors.  If space is especially limited, fences and/or other obstructions can be removed to allow for equipment access. This is done in consultation with you and your neighbors and the site is restored after we have left to ensure everyone is happy all around.


Q. I want a foundation dug on a property I have just purchased.  What do I do?

A. Please give us a call and we will arrange a time to come out and inspect your site and your plans.  Site and soil conditions effect the equipment required and the amount of time required to complete the job safety and effectively.  Good planning from the start can significantly help to keep your project on track.


Q. How long will the excavating process take on new home foundation?

A. We aim to complete all projects in as timely a manner as possible.  Prior to starting, we will provide you with an estimate in regards to time based on the size and type of home you are building, site access and your unique site conditions. Note that weather or unforeseen ground factors can impact the amount of time on site, however, if anything of this nature does occur, please be assured that you will be kept informed about any delays and the game plan moving forward.  Typically, things do go to schedule as we are committed to starting your project off on the right foot.  Please contact us for a consultation as the first step in this process is to know your project.  The time required can vary significantly for different sites and homes so time spent in initial planning is very well spent to accurately gauge what is required and when it can be completed—so you can move on to the next stage of your build.


Q. I need to install a Septic System on my property.  Who do I call to dig the hole?

A. Baywash Oilfield is able to provide excavation services only .  Due to new Alberta regulations, the septic system itself does need to be designed by a certified designer.  If you have not as yet contracted a designer, we can recommend firms who can provide this service to you.  Once you have a set of plans outlining the ideal system for your site and needs, we can provide the excavation for you Septic System as needed.


Q. I want to build a road to my property, business or lease site?

A. Building a road is a multi-step process. The first step is to consult your regional authority to determine all of the items and steps you will be required to undertake to get permission to build your road.  This may include consent from neighbours, traffic estimates, an environmental impact analysis and proposed plans.  Keep in mind that how your property is classified e.g. commercial, industrial, residential etc., can have an impact on what is allowed and required so be sure to get a determination regarding your property from your local council. Baywash Oilfield Services can provide you with options regarding the type of the road that you will need in order to "stand up" to your traffic requirements as well what is required given the unique site conditions.  Once you've received approval for the road, then you can be assured we have the equipment and knowledge to finish your project in a safe and timely manner.



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