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Our Safety Values

At Baywash Oilfield Services Inc., our staff have developed a dedication, and a high level of proficiency in our proven methods for clearing out tank trailers; for hauling fluids, to prepare for repair, or for inspection.


Not only do we get into the tight areas and corners for inspection of welds and identify anomalies or damage, but we ensure that the tank is spotless for entry  of the workers doing the inspection or repair.


We also clean Oil & Gas service equipment for CVIPs, Level 3 and 4 inspections, ensuring an adequate removal of oil, mud, and bitumen from the equipment so that your inspectors, mechanics, and service workers have the ability to complete their tasks effectively and efficiently.

Reliable Staff &

Valued Customer Service


At Baywash Oilfield Services Inc. we value your business, and we truly believe that our excellent customer service is our way of showing you.


Our staff is made up of competent, reliable, and dedicated professionals who produce quality work with pride to ensure you return with a smile over and over again.


Let us show you what it means to be a valued customer and call us for your next project.

Our Safety Values


Our safety values are very prominent at work as well as our home life. Just as we take care of our families, and ensure they are safe, we bring that family mentality and care for our fellow staff in the same way here at Baywash Oilfield Services Inc.

Our highly motivated, proficient staff compete their tasks, operate their equipment, and observe their work-sites with care and diligence that is also relayed to our customers and clients.

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