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Baywash Oilfield Services Inc. provide a full array of heavy equipment rentals anywhere from front end loaders to thermal heating solutions.  Search  through our thumbnail pictures for a look at the the equipment so you may decide on the equipment you will need for your construction project(s) and our view our terms of the Rental Agreement at our link below.  Call us for negotiated pricing catered for your project, pick-up or delivery arrangements and details.

Equipment Auction


Baywash Oilfield Services Inc. have heavy equipment for sale from time to time as we acquire newer equipment as park unused equipment.  All equipment that may be up for sale would either be well maintained as we would have either used it for our own projects or had rented them to respecting and trustworthy clientele.


View our equipment thumbnail possibilities or click our link below for the latest equipment up for sale at our full site.

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