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Tractor Trailer & Oilfield Equipment Wash & Degreasing Service

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At Baywash Oilfield Services, our staff have developed a dedication, and a high level of proficiency in our proven methods for clearing out tank trailers, for hauling fluids, to prepare for repair or for certification inspections.   Bawash also offers adequate removal of oil, mud, and bitumen from the equipment Oil & Gas Service equipment for CVIPs & Level 3 Inspections, ensuring an  so that your inspectors, mechanics, and service workers have the ability to complete their tasks effectively and efficiently.

At Baywash Oilfield Services Inc. we value your business, and we truly believe that our excellent customer service is our way of showing you.  Our staff is made up of competent, reliable, and dedicated professionals who produce quality work with pride to ensure you return with a smile over and over again.

Some of Our


Baywash Oilfield Services offers thorough Transport & Oilfield Equipment Cleaning, Sump & Trap Sleaning Service and Excavation, Earth-Scaping and Material Hauling Services.

Interior & Exterior Wash

Tractor trailer, tank and oilfield equipment wash and degreasing. Allow Baywash to through clean and sanitize your trucks, tractor trailers, oilfield drilling and servicing Rigs for inspection.

Traps & Sump Cleaning

Shop bay traps and sump wash and cleaning. Contact Baywash Combo-Vac services to clean and service your shop bay sumps and trap waste capture and containment system.

Excavation & Hauling

Baywash Oilfield Services offers earth-scaping and material hauling services. Contact Baywash to provide equipment and services for reclamation, excavation, road works or construction projects

Excellent Service & Customer Satisfaction


“Baywash has exceeded the expectations of my employers when they request our service rigs and equipment get cleaned for level 3 and 4 inspections or modifications.”

Colin Waterman

“I am very pleased with the earthworks Baywash Oilfield Services performed during the build of my home.  From the basement excavation to the septic installation and road construction, all was done with a high level of expertise and professionalism.”

Colin Waterman

Earth-Scaping & Excavation

Baywash Oilfield Services Inc. provides the expertise, equipment & staff to accomplish your excavation projects with the utmost proficiency within a time frame to fit your budget and your deadlines.  Our contractors specialise in earth-scaping and excavation for basement, utility services and septic tanks.  We also provide contractors, services, equipment and material hauling for road construction and land reclamation projects.

Construction contracting

Material Hauling