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Baywash Oilfield Services is committed to providing a high level of proficiency.  Our proven methods for cleaning tractor and tank trailers that haul dangerous fluids are highly effective for quality inspections, modifications or  repairs. 

We are dedicated in offering a full an completes services for client to conduct their inspection of welds and identify anomalies or damage, but we ensure that the tank is spotless for entry  of the workers doing the inspection or repair.  

Oil & Gas drilling and services company rely on Baywash oilfield to clean and degrease their equipment for their CVIPs & Level 3 Inspections, ensuring an adequate removal of oil, mud, and bitumen from the equipment. 

Baywash Oilfield Services we value your business, and we truly believe that our excellent customer service is our way of showing you.

Our staff is made up of competent, reliable, and dedicated professionals who produce quality work with pride to ensure you return with a smile over and over again.

We Take Safety Seriously.

Our highly motivated, proficient staff compete their tasks, operate their equipment, and observe their work-sites with care and diligence. This care and diligence is also relayed to our customers and clients who know they can rely on a job done well and surpassing safety standards.

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Why Choose Us

Baywash oilfield is your Eco-Friendly local services that takes safety seriously and values your business. Baywash Oilfield Services is equipped with a a reliable workforce with expertise in our diverse service offerings

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Eco Friendly

Our water capture, treatment & recycle system considerably reduces the impacts on our environment. 

We value our environment, our community & our future.  

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Our Safety Values

Our safety values are important to us at home and on the job.  We also take pride in our COR certificaticate.


We take safety seriously.

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Customer satisfaction

Our friendly, courteous staff.  take pride a job that meets or exceeds your expectations. 

We value our customer relationship service.   

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Reliable Workforce

Our staff is made up of competent, reliable, and dedicated professionals who produce quality safe efficient work with. 

We value client confidence.

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Our expertise, equipment & staff accomplish excavation projects with the utmost proficiency on budget.

We manage budget well.

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Diversified services include washing, disinfecting,  sump & trap waste removal to Earth-scaping reclamation contracting.

We are competent & diversified.